The DIALECT is a magazine published by Inclusion Saskatchewan and distributed to all of our Members. The DIALECT features stories about individuals with intellectual disabilities from all around the province and articles about all of the latest happenings in the world of disability.

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DIALECT Magazine

Navigating the System: An Advocacy Handbook for Parents of Children with Intellectual Disabilities features information on respite, early childhood intervention, education, medical care and many other systems. Now in its third edition, this valuable resource offers a wealth of information on how you can work with the systems that you will encounter as a parent.


Find an online version of Navigating the System here.

Navigating the System
Road Map to the Future

Road Map to the Future puts complex situations and terms into easy–to-grasp language, providing background information for those who must plan for individuals with a disability. Now in its second edition, this guide includes what to consider when preparing a will, how to choose executors and trustees, how to make the most of RDSPs and the SAID income pro-gram, and information about guardianship and co-decision making. 

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Inclusion Saskatchewan's Annual Report is the best way to learn about all of the organization's activities over a given year. Inside the report, you'll find detailed reports from each department including data for all of our various projects and programs.



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Inclusion Saskatchewan Annual Report
Annual Report Website 2018-2019.png
Inclusion Saskatchewan Strategic Plan

Inclusion Saskatchewan's Strategic Plan is our plan for the future. Written by both staff and Board members, this booklet will give you a look at where we are now and where we want to be tomorrow. 

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Transition Planning

This handbook was developed in response to concerns of parents and educators about the lack of options open to young people with intellectual disabilities leaving the educational system. It is a useful guide for students and families as they move through school and into the adult world. 


Find an online version here.


Download the Transition Worksheets here.


Transition Handbook Cover.png
Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP)

The Government of Canada created the Registered Disability Savings  Plan (RDSP) in 2008 for individuals with disabilities. To learn more about the RDSP you can visit the Government of Canada’s website:

Inclusion Regina (formerly known as RDACL) has information and resources on the RDSP available for families and individuals. Click here to visit their website.

Comprehensive Personal Planning and Support Policy (CPP&SP)

The CPP&SP is a policy that directs how Community Living Service Delivery will support people. Find the policy and other resources below:

CPP & SP Policy

CPP & SP Policy - Plain Language Booklet

CPP & SP Policy - Fact Sheet

Inclusive Education Resources

If you are a parent with kids in school who have intellectual disabilities, you might find these links helpful.

Actualizing a Needs Based Model
The Adaptive Dimension for Saskatchewan K-12 Students

Inclusive Education - Saskatchewan Ministry of Education 2017

Supporting All Learners Website

Person-Centred Culture

Learn more about Person-Centred culture with these documents created in collaboration with the Government of Saskatchewan.

What is Person-Centred Culture?

Person-Centred Culture for CBOs



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