We Help You Navigate the System

We provide individualized support and advocacy to individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families. Our Inclusion Consultants will assist in the resolution of many issues that may be occurring in your life – regardless of how large or small the issue is, where you live, your age or whatever your need is.

Need Support?
Our Inclusion Consultants Can Help.

If you live with an intellectual disability or if you know someone with an intellectual disability and need support or advocacy, Inclusion Saskatchewan may be able to help. We will work with anyone, regardless of what the intellectual disability may be. We do not require a diagnosis, have a specific IQ requirement, or need to have a referral. We are contracted by the Ministry of Social Services to provide advocacy service for individuals with intellectual disabilities & their families.

If you would like to get ahold of our Inclusion Team, please email us at Note that those new to Inclusion Saskatchewan will be required to complete an intake form. 

Individual Support

The work of the Inclusion Consultant is incredibly varied and differs from person to person. We can't provide a fully comprehensive list of everything we do, but this list should provide some insight into the work that we typically do:

  • Help clearly identify issues or problems.

  • Attend meetings.

  • Provide research on rights, policies, procedures, options, programs, etc.

  • Navigate appeals.

  • Help you to access programs.

  • Provide referrals to programs and services.

  • Assist with completing paperwork.

  • Ensure you are being valued, supported and included.

Navigating the System

Inclusion Saskatchewan's Inclusion Consultants provide support by helping you to navigate systems. These can be government systems, non-profit programs, or privately owned businesses. Our consultants can research policies and procedures within those systems and will help you to understand what everyone’s responsibilities, obligations, and limitations are. Inclusion Saskatchewan can provide support and advocacy with:

  • Health and Mental Health - Any health region.

  • Education - Pre-kindergarten to university.

  • Social Services* - Community Living Service Delivery, Child and Family Programs, Saskatchewan Assured Income for Disability, Social Assistance Program, and all of their funded programs.

  • Housing - Accessing housing and services, landlord disputes, and programs.

  • Justice/Police Issues

  • Employment - See Employment and Transitions.

  • Human Rights

  • Inclusion - Inclusion Saskatchewan will work with your community to help you to be included.

  • Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada - Inclusion Saskatchewan can work with Indigenous people in any community. We are not constrained by federal and provincial jurisdictional boundaries.

  • Personal finances - This includes support and navigating banks, trustees, income assistance programs, creditors, lenders, and personal resources.

*Note: All staff at Inclusion Saskatchewan have had criminal records checks including the vulnerable sector check. Inclusion Saskatchewan provides all of our support based on best practices in inclusion and on Inclusion Saskatchewan's Statements of Belief and Positions on Social Issues