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Bluesette Campbell*


Andrew Bennett*

Vice President

Lindsey Bashforth*


Ted & Loretta Schugmann

Humboldt Branch

Brian Neufeld

Inclusion Biggar

Dianne Christianson

Inclusion Creighton

Shilo Knutson

Inclusion Hudson Bay

Tami Smith

Inclusion Lloydminster

Kara Bernardin

Inclusion Lumsden

Kim Churko

Inclusion Moose Jaw

Gini Calvert

Inclusion Turtleford

Jackie Wilson

Inclusion Weyburn

Don Abrahamson

Inclusion Yorkton and Area

Cindy Busse

Outlook Branch

Gloria Mahussier

Prince Albert Branch

Bonnie Cherewyk*

Director at Large

Darren Pringle

Director at Large

Nolton Knippel*

Director at Large

Nytosha Kober*

Director at Large

Mike Mahussier

Director at Large

Trina Brooks

Director at Large

Tina Millar

Self-Advocate Director at Large

Charlene Eger+

People First Saskatchewan

Alejandro Murrieta Aspiazu+

Youth Ambassador

*Indicates member of the Inclusion Saskatchewan Executive Committee

+Indicates non-voting guest


Through the Annual Strategic Planning of the Inclusion Saskatchewan Board and Membership, we have identified priority issues where significant attention must be given.

Inclusive Education

Inclusion Saskatchewan has identified that access to inclusive education in Saskatchewan is not at the quality that we expect it to be. Inclusion Saskatchewan is dedicating resources into investigating the challenges that exist in schools around the province and the best methods to foster inclusive education throughout Saskatchewan.  

Northern Saskatchewan

There is a lack of access to necessary services and supports in northern Saskatchewan for people with intellectual disabilities. Inclusion Saskatchewan has partnered with other provincial disability sector organizations to create a strategic framework and plan to build service capacity and effect systemic change in Northern Saskatchewan.


Having a safe place to call “home” is an integral part of living a dignified life. Unfortunately, people who experience intellectual disabilities disproportionately face a lack of access to safe, appropriate, and affordable housing options in their communities. We are collaborating with partners such as the National Affordable Housing Corporation, Saskatchewan Housing Corporation, Stewart Properties, community-based organizations, and local, provincial, and federal governments to develop innovative, person-centred, affordable, and inclusive community housing initiatives.


Disability should not mean few health care options - and choices – at any time, but especially not during a pandemic. Inclusion Saskatchewan collaborates with health professionals to navigate individual health concerns while also promoting upstream, proactive systemic changes to ensure people with intellectual disabilities experience supported decision-making when it comes to health care.

Inclusion Saskatchewan's Strategic Plan is our plan for the future. Written by both Inclusion Saskatchewan staff and board members, this booklet will give you a look at where we are now and where we want to be tomorrow. Read it here

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