Do you have a family member with an intellectual disability?

Do you want to connect with others traveling on a similar life journey?


If you’re a sibling or parent of an individual with an intellectual disability, Inclusion Saskatchewan offers peer-to-peer support, workshops, and a series of retreats.

Attend one of our Family Network Workshops

If you're a sibling or parent of an individual with an intellectual disability, Inclusion Saskatchewan offers a series of workshops throughout the year. At each workshop, attendees build relationships through fun activities, workshops, and presentations. If you're looking to connect with other families that are just like yours, our retreats will offer you the chance to meet others, share knowledge, and share stories in a supporting and understanding environment. 

Sibling Workshops & Retreats
Moms' Workshop
Parent Workshops

*Family Information Days: Inclusion Saskatchewan hosts Family Information Day presentations in interested communities around the province. These presentations provide an overview of the ways Inclusion Saskatchewan can support members of different communities. If you would like to schedule a Family Information Day, please fill out the form below or contact Nicole Graham directly. 

Interested in our Family Network?

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For more information, please contact one of our Family Network staff. 

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Executive Director

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Nicole Graham

Family Network & Youth Coordinator

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