• Travis Neufeld

Success Story: Daniel & Booster Juice

Daniel is the kind of guy who will memorize the recipe of your favourite smoothie. That’s just who he is. He understands that in this era of purely-transactional and even automated customer service, the simple act of memorizing what you like is enough to make you feel important or even special. But if you asked Daniel about why he does this, he’d probably just think it was normal and carry on. It’s this kind quiet care and attention that truly defines him.

For Daniel, working at Booster Juice has always been something of a dream come true. After first discovering it though a work education class placement through Saskatoon’s Bethlehem Catholic High School, Daniel immediately liked everything about the smoothie mainstay. “I liked how it was a small environment, which is what I’m comfortable with. I’m not really into big environments. Also, if you need anything, your co-workers are always nearby,” Daniel says.

Once the class placement was over, Daniel set his mind on returning as a permanent employee. Sharon Watkins, Learning Assistance Teacher for Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools, invited Inclusion Saskatchewan’s Alyssa Lindsay to help Daniel further define his employment goals and create a pathway to return to Booster Juice. Within a short amount of time, Daniel completed a job readiness course at the Radius Community Centre, created an action plan, scheduled and managed regular meetings with Alyssa and Sharon, and returned to Booster Juice for a second work education class placement.

Shortly after his second placement, Multiple Franchise Store Manager Jacquie Kowalenko called and offered him a permanent position of 3-hour shifts at 1-2 times a week with an opportunity to expand based on performance. Daniel was in shock. The thing he had been working so hard on was finally happening. He immediately jumped into his role at the Blairmore Booster Juice.

But that’s just the beginning of the story. Simply having a job wasn’t good enough for Daniel. He wanted to grow, learn, and take on more responsibility. Wanting to work at both the Blairmore and Midtown locations, Daniel set to learning and even practicing his bus route. He spent his down time studying smoothie recipes and customer interactions. Needless to say, he now works three shifts a week, for longer hours, and at both locations.

For Sharon, who has been there every step of the way, she sees how far he’s come. “Daniel has matured into this young man who sets himself a mission. He doesn’t hesitate to ask for what he needs. He’s confident in putting his thoughts down on paper and putting the steps of a plan together. He’s very dependable and independent. He’s just an amazing young man,” she says.

Jacquie, Daniels manager, reports that, “Daniel is a very good employee. He has grown so much since he first started. He follows all instructions and does all tasks to the best of his abilities. Daniel has become very confident in all parts of his job. He is friendly to all customers and gets along with all the staff. Our staff look forward to working with him because he’s always in high spirits and it’s refreshing especially when it gets busy and hectic.”

All of us at Inclusion Saskatchewan are thrilled by Daniel’s success and determination and very much look forward to what his future holds at Booster Juice and beyond.



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