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STATEMENT: New Specialized Support Classrooms are Segregated Classrooms

In 1956, Inclusion Saskatchewan was founded on the belief that children with intellectual disabilities have the right to attend school. Since then, much has changed thanks to the hard work of self-advocates, families, teachers, and advocates around the world. The right to an inclusive education is now guaranteed under Article 24 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

We are both angered and disappointed to see the recent announcement by the Ministry of Education, unveiling a pilot project of segregated classrooms for students displaying “disruptive behaviours.” Students who are neurodivergent or disabled are grossly overrepresented in programs focused on these behaviours, as characteristics and signs of many disabilities are often perceived to be disruptive by those who fail to understand their communicative nature. This pilot project is a direct infringement on the rights of children with intellectual disabilities to access inclusive education.

The calls for Inclusion Saskatchewan’s support are growing as we continue to advocate for children who are forced to attend school in segregated classrooms, attend only part-time or virtually, or not attend at all due to a lack of available support. Inclusion Saskatchewan supports our province’s teachers as they advocate for changes to make every classroom in Saskatchewan accessible and safe for students of all abilities. We value our relationships with educators, schools, school divisions, and the Ministry of Education. We are committed to working together to uphold the right to an inclusive education for all.


For more information, contact:

Travis Neufeld

Director of Marketing & Communications

Inclusion Saskatchewan


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