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Inclusive Teachers of 2022: Renee Dureault and Lori-Ann Betton

Congratulations to the winners of our 2022 Inclusive Teacher Awards, Renee Dureault and Lori-Ann Betton! Both Renee and Lori-Ann have gone above and beyond to initiate, implement, promote, and support inclusion for students with intellectual disabilities.

Lori-Ann Betton (left) and Renee Dureault (right).

Renee (or “Mrs. D” as she’s known by her students) has been at St. Luke School for 8 years, and in that time, she has helped struggling students by providing one-on-one support and helping each student build healthy coping mechanisms. She creates lessons that support her students’ unique learning styles and prioritizes including families in her students’ success.

According to one parent, “Mrs. D never gave up on my son, loved him unconditionally, adapted to his needs while still meeting the needs of her other students, and never once made him feel unwanted. She created a home away from home for her students, fostering friendships and bonds amongst the students, teaching and emulating supportive and inclusive behaviours and ensured each student felt important, understood, smart, capable, strong and resilient."

Renee Dureault (left) and INSK Vice-President Nytosha Kober (right).

Lori-Ann has been a leader in inclusive education for her 30 years with the Lloydminster Catholic School Division. As a teacher and principal, Lori-Ann has built a school culture that celebrates multiple approaches to learning with an emphasis on hand-on and movement-type learning.

According to one parent, “Lori-Ann Betton's ever calming nature when dealing with stressful situations is greatly appreciated. My son has had some rough days, which included hurting other children and staff members. When discussing these situations, I was ensured that he would always be welcome at the school, he has disability that needs extra attention but is a great kid and brings a lot of joy to the school. As a parent this means so much because we want our children to be accepted, happy and successful.”

Lori-Ann Betton (left) and INSK Vice-President Nytosha Kober (right).


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