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Inclusive Teacher of 2023: Patrick Winand of Wakaw School

In partnership with Inclusion Canada’s National Inclusive Education Awards, Inclusion Saskatchewan was pleased to present this year’s Inclusive Teacher Award to Patrick Winand! Patrick serves as Vice-Principal, Learning Resource Teacher, and Classroom Teacher at Wakaw School in Horizon School Division. His dedication to continued learning is evident in all that he does, and his intersectional approaches ensure that each student is treated as an individual with unique needs to be met.

“Mr. Winand’s intuition, initiative, and communication regarding inclusive education have helped positively change how our students, staff, and community operate at Wakaw School. He's strived to ensure that ALL our students are included and not left out based on ability,” says a parent.

Patrick’s commitment to strengths-based approaches, mental wellness, and meeting each student where they’re at has made a difference for many students, including one who shared, “I had come to Mr. Winand to find a solution so that I could be comfortable at school and stay for the whole day. He heard me and listened to what I had to say and I appreciate him greatly for that… He made me comfortable and listened to me, I have never fully felt like that before in this school.”  


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