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Inclusive School of 2024: King George Public School in Prince Albert

In partnership with Inclusion Canada’s National Inclusive Education Awards, Inclusion Saskatchewan is pleased to present this year’s Inclusive School Award to King George Public School in Prince Albert! King George School has thoughtfully responded to the needs of its students and provides innovative school-wide programming that allows children to learn through play, learn at their own level, and learn outdoors. They have a sensory room as well as a play-based experiential learning classroom that is nationally recognized. Their land-based learning programming, Forest Fridays and Fire Fridays, is the catalyst for inclusion and leadership for many of their students with intellectual disabilities.

One parent shared, “A positive change I have noticed is my son wakes up happy and excited to go to school. He's speaking more words and putting small sentences together. I feel that my son can model some behaviors of his peers by being in the classroom and being involved with the lessons and learning.”

Congratulations, King George Public School, on receiving the Inclusive Education School of the Year Award!

School of the Year Honourable Mentions:

  • St. Francis Community School, Regina Catholic School Division

  • St. Jerome School, Regina Catholic School Division


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