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Inclusive School of 2023: King George Community School in Saskatoon

In partnership with Inclusion Canada’s National Inclusive Education Awards, Inclusion Saskatchewan was pleased to present this year’s Inclusive School Award to King George Community School! King George is a Saskatoon Public School Division elementary school serving pre-kindergarten through grade eight students in Saskatoon’s core neighbourhoods, often with complex socio-economic barriers that can multiply the impacts of a child’s disability. The school’s leadership team, teachers, and support staff go above and beyond to ensure students are supported through strengths-based and family-centred approaches, often collaborating with community-based organizations to fill gaps both in the school and in students' homes and communities.

“They work incredibly hard to include all students and to ensure that each knows that they are seen, heard, valued, and cared for,” shared a community member.

Their classrooms are diverse and students who experience intellectual disability are fully included in every activity in shared learning environments, including within their popular drumming circle, hide tanning camps, and community council meetings. Sensory spaces in each classroom allow students to continue learning while meeting their own sensory and regulation needs. Principal Michael Bradford says, “We don’t believe in having kids sent home for behaviours, as that isn’t a solution. All behaviour is communication, so we meet that communication’s need instead.”


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