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February is Inclusive Education Month!

Join us in celebrating inclusive education all February! Along with Inclusive Education Canada, we are working with our stakeholders in the education system and advocating for an education where all students are welcomed by their neighbourhood schools in age-appropriate, regular classes, and are supported to learn, contribute, and participate in all aspects of school.


"The idea of what an inclusive education can be and what an inclusive classroom can look like is something that needs to be supported by our province and government. Until that happens, it's upon each of us to speak out and lift up and celebrate the teachers, schools, and administrators who are embracing inclusion in the classroom. While we acknowledge the many different voices and perspectives and concerns on this issue, segregation is never the solution," says INSK President Bluesette Campbell.


If you know a teacher or school that you'd like to recognize for an outstanding contribution in inclusive education, please consider nominating them for our 2024 Inclusive Education Awards.



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