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February Is Inclusive Education Month!

This school year has looked a lot different than other years. Accordingly, our annual Inclusive Education Awards will look different this year too. We want to thank all those who have gone above and beyond to ensure inclusive education remains a priority, even in the most uncertain of times.

This year, we've launched a PADLET virtual wall of celebration to acknowledge these inclusion champions in our province. On this virtual wall, you will be able to create a post telling us about a teacher, principal, or school in your community that has made inclusion a priority in their classroom or school. You will find instructions on how to post a note, picture, video, or link on the wall.

Please help us spread to word by reposting and sharing. The wall will be active throughout the month of February and possibly beyond if there continues to be interest. We look forward to hearing about all the amazing work being done across the province to promote inclusion in our schools.


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