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Dr. John Dolan Spirit of Education Award 2024: Lakyn Hilstrom of South East Cornerstone Public School Division

Inclusion Saskatchewan is pleased to present the Dr. John Dolan Spirit of Education award to Lakyn Hilstrom! The Dr. John Dolan Spirit of Education Award celebrates the dedication of those outside traditional classroom teaching roles to inclusive education. Lakyn is an Early Learning and Care Coach in the South East Cornerstone Public School Division, working with children from White Bear, Pheasant Rump, and Ocean Man First Nations. She is also a Jordan’s Principle Service Coordinator. Lakyn’s role is to support students living on reserve in transitioning successfully into kindergarten classrooms. She takes every necessary step to ensure they receive an inclusive education, including supporting teachers in understanding each student’s needs, communication style, and barriers to inclusion so they can participate wholly and meaningfully. Lakyn has also recently completed a thesis on parent perspectives on in-school support for students with Autism in Saskatchewan.

In the words of one of Lakyn’s references, “Laykn has gone above and beyond, delving into current research and professional literature, and adeptly translating that knowledge into actionable strategies for educators and caregivers. By doing so, she has empowered others to create environments where every child, regardless of background or ability, can thrive and reach their highest potential.”

Congratulations, Lakyn, on receiving the Dr. John Dolan Spirit of Inclusion Award!

Spirit of Inclusion Honourable Mentions:

  • Jennifer Dorval, Northwest School Division

  • Saskatoon Blades Hockey Club


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