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Celebrating the International Day of Persons with Disabilities

As part of our International Day of Persons with Disabilities celebration, we asked our Self-Advocates to share some of their thoughts, insights, and accomplishments so that our online audience could hear from them directly. Below you will find a short video featuring Self-Advocates talking about what Inclusion means to them and a collection of quotes from Self-Advocates that we gathered from one of their recent ICAN zoom calls.


"I sit on a whole bunch of different organization boards. Sask Sailing Association (and one in Regina), an advisory group for the SAID Program, and Sask Voice of People with Disability."

"It's been 34 years since I moved away from home. It's been tough the odd time, but I've come out on top."


"I think back to when I was a child and, I mean, we weren't even thought of. People didn't even do the type of advocating that we're doing now. And you know, I just think that was wrong. What we're doing now, why couldn't we have done this when I was a child? Back in those times I was having trouble with my teachers and everybody. Now, I go to these Inclusive Education meetings and hear about some of the awards we've given. My teachers, a lot of them wouldn't even know or accept what we are trying to do. Inclusive Education has helped over the years."

"We need provincial transportation. We have not been able to attend our meetings in Saskatoon unless Inclusion pays for them and it costs like $300 if we go on a specialty bus. We still feel that we need the system we had. We need it back."

"People are people whether you're standing up or sitting down."


"I am a figure skater and I have over 100 medals."

"I was the first one to get my job at Walmart. I am proud of my work."

"People with disabilities are a number one person in other person's lives and they can do anything anyone else can do."

"Just be friendly and be kind."


"I have my own voice."


"I can, you can, we can."


"Just treat us like an equal."

"Just because you have a disability doesn't mean you can't be in a relationship."

"Thank you to Inclusion Saskatchewan for being there to help me apply for SERB and EI."


"You can do it, don't give up."

"I am an olympic bowler. On Saturday, I got a spare and a strike, with a 141 on my second score."


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