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5 Reasons Why You Should Donate To Community Living

Community Living has been collecting clothing and small household donations in Saskatchewan since 1989, yet most people still don't know who their work benefits and how they make change in the community. The work of Community Living is critical to the success of Inclusion Saskatchewan (INSK) so we wrote this in hopes that it would help donors understand what they do and why they do it. Here are 5 reasons why you should donate to Community Living.

1. Community Living Helps Persons With Intellectual Disabilities.

There are a lot of misconceptions out there about who Community Living helps but the answer is really simple. The funds raised by Community Living's donations go directly towards changing the lives of persons with intellectual disabilities in Saskatchewan. Since its inception, Community Living has been a partner organization to Inclusion Saskatchewan and a key piece of INSK's annual fundraising efforts. Each year, Community Living gives upwards of $500,000 to Inclusion Saskatchewan (for context: this amounts to roughly 1/4 of INSK's annual revenue).

From here, Inclusion Saskatchewan utilizes these funds to implement and operate programs that directly benefit persons with intellectual disabilities. Through these programs, INSK works to: support and advocate for persons with intellectual disabilities, create meaningful systemic change (read: new funding supports), assist individuals to secure employment, transition individuals from high school to adult life, host support networks for parents and siblings of persons with intellectual disabilities, and empower persons with intellectual disabilities to become leaders in their communities. Each year, Inclusion Saskatchewan's work reaches over 5,000 people per year. To see how Inclusion Saskatchewan changes lives, watch the video below and then visit

2. It's Convenient

Community Living knows that you're busy and that donating clothing or small household items is not always at the top of your to-do list. As such, they're doing all that they can to make donating as convenient as humanly possible. Not only can you donate via one of Community Living's yellow bins throughout the province (go here to find a bin near you) but you can even reach out to Community Living via phone or Facebook message or email and they'll come to pick it up for free.

3. Your Stuff Gets A Second Life

Community Living's mission is to raise funds for Inclusion Saskatchewan. They do this by taking all of their donated items and selling them to Value Village stores across the province. In this sense, your stuff is getting a second chance at life.

We understand that people have many opinions about Value Village and even some misconceptions (e.g. Value Village is NOT owned by Wal-Mart). however, it's important to understand that without Value Village, Community Living wouldn't be able to operate. Value Village (Savers) has been an incredible partner to Community Living, and through this partnership, Inclusion Saskatchewan has been able to change thousands of lives in Saskatchewan.

4. Community Living Is Local

Another big misconception about Community Living is that they are a national organization when in fact they only operate in Saskatchewan. Community Living was founded in Saskatchewan and is operated by a 100% Saskatchewan staff. Further, all of the proceeds from the donations go to supporting only persons with intellectual disabilities who live in Saskatchewan.

5. People With Intellectual Disabilities Need Your Help

There are an estimated 23,000 persons with intellectual disabilities in Saskatchewan that need help in all areas of their lives. Did you know that unemployed persons with intellectual disabilities are only eligible to receive $1,300 per month via SAID, while an individual earning a full-time minimum wage income makes $1,700? Or, did you know that people with intellectual disabilities can and want to work at real jobs, but only 25% of people with intellectual disabilities find employment? How about the fact that at least 25% of people with intellectual disabilities struggle to find adequate housing, and are at high risk of homelessness or living in a hospital-like setting? These people need your help. By donating to Community Living you can help bring positive change to their lives.


If you'd like to schedule a Community Living donation pickup, contact them at 1-877-477-2171 or via email at


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