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2019 Awards, Grants, and Bursaries Call For Proposals

Inclusion Saskatchewan's Awards, Grants & Bursaries Committee is pleased to announce the 2019 Call for Proposals. Please be aware of each application’s deadline (most are February 28, 2019).

Below are descriptions, criteria, and application forms for the various awards, grants, and bursaries offered by Inclusion Saskatchewan. Please ensure that all information is filled out completely. Applications received after the deadline will not be considered for funding.

Feel free to contact Inclusion Saskatchewan for assistance in filling out your application. Please submit completed official application forms to Connie Andersen, Director of Community Development, at or mail to:

Inclusion Saskatchewan

Awards, Grants, and Bursaries Committee Chair

3031 Louise Street

Saskatoon, SK S7J 3L1

Attention: Connie Andersen

Please note: If you have any suggestions for change, please let the Awards, Grants, and Bursaries Committee know so that when they meet again, they can take your concerns and suggestions into consideration.

Successful applicants must submit a grant report within 60 days of project/event completion in order to be considered for future funding from Inclusion Saskatchewan. Successful applicants for projects/events that will not be completed prior to February 28, 2020 must submit an interim grant report by January 30, 2020 in addition to the final report upon the completion of the project/event. Reporting requirements will be mailed out to each successful applicant with distribution of funding.

Download the Overview of Awards, Grants, and Bursaries HERE.

Application Forms:

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