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My Home My Community - Housing Surveys

Inclusion Saskatchewan has partnered with the Canadian Association for Community Living and People First of Canada on an innovative housing initiative, My Home My Community, that will pursue lasting, positive systemic change to the housing sector for people who experience intellectual disability and various barriers to inclusive housing in their chosen communities. This initiative has entered the first phase of development in partnership with Canada Housing and Mortgage Corporation which is exclusive to a intentional research and data gathering in select pilot communities across Canada. As Saskatoon is one of the identified communities, we are requesting your support to complete the applicable survey based on your role that is included in this email by November 2. Please take the time to share this information with any other agency, individual, caregiver, and family member for which inclusive housing is a priority or concern. There are some survey questions and conceptual housing situations that may not be applicable to your situation or exist in your area. This is neither an exhaustive survey, nor a promise or commitment by any party to provide the support and housing options that are identified. Please complete the survey as accurately as possible. Your support and input is paramount to incredible changes and positive outcomes in our communities for those we support. Survey Links: Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities Family Members Service Providers

This survey is administered by the team at SHS Consulting. Your participation in this survey is completely voluntary. All of your responses will be confidential and used only for the purposes of this study. You will not be required to provide any personal identifiers (name, contact information, etc.). If you have any questions or comments, please contact Jan van Deursen via email at:

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