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June Avivi 1932-2018

June Avivi, one the SACL's founding members and strongest supporters, passed away on September 1, 2018. June was an active force in the association's work from its humble beginnings in 1956 right up until 2017. She was instrumental in countless SACL efforts, although will probably be best known for the wisdom, council, and guidance she provided as a key member of the Valley View Transition Steering Committee. June was a huge part of the association, and her courageous and compassionate spirit never ceased to inspire. She was an incredible person in all aspects of life and we are all grateful to have had the opportunity to work alongside her to make change in the lives of those with intellectual disabilities.

"A relentless advocate for the disabled in Saskatchewan, June worked tirelessly to ensure that everyone had the opportunity to live with dignity, respect and have access to the services they required to meet those goals."

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