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Inclusive Education Perspective: Staying Organized

We have discussed the importance of keeping a paper trail and ensuring all of your documentation remains organized. Making a binder can be a great way to do this. If you need a little inspiration, access a three-ring binder, a hole punch, and some dividers and then watch the video above to get started. While the video is American and references an IEP, please note that the organizational strategies would work for our Saskatchewan Inclusion and Intervention Plans (IIPs) .


About Elaine Caswell

At Elaine’s core, she is a teacher. Throughout her diverse roles as a classroom teacher, school principal, guidance counselor, superintendent, Director of Education and Director of Children’s Services at the Ministry of Education, Elaine has taught, mentored, built strong relationships with families and facilitated individual, group and systemic change.

About Louise Burridge

Louise is an occupational therapist. As one of the first occupational therapists to work in Saskatchewan schools, Louise has worked with numerous families to foster growth and development, facilitate accessibility and support inclusive education. Louise has continued this work as a Student Services Coordinator, at the Ministry of Education, and Director of Professional Practice with the Saskatchewan Society of Occupational Therapists. She now owns and operates OuTcomes Therapy in Regina.

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