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Inclusive Employer of 2022: Lake Country Co-op in Spiritwood

Congratulations to the winner of our 2022 Inclusive Employment Champion Award, Lake Country Co-op C-Store in Spiritwood! The recipients of this year's award, Manager Michael Sarrazin and Supervisor Karon Abdai, have demonstrated excellence in inclusive employment through their support of Store Employee Megan Allard.

Megan Allard (centre) and Karon Abdai (right).

Megan started working at the Co-op in December 2021 and in that time Michael and Karon have gone above and beyond to ensure that Megan's role is not only meaningful to Megan but also to her coworkers. They supported her through an inclusive training process and provided a space for her to grow within her role. Today, Megan has a Co-op number and is part-owner/member of the organization she works for.

Lake Country Co-op makes a personal commitment to their staff with outstanding mentorship practices that deliver lasting results. The Co-op has been innovative in hiring people with disabilities as it reflects the diverse world that we live in, and it promotes a work environment of inclusiveness and social responsibility.

Employment & Transition Facilitator Karen Tait (left), Megan Allard (centre), and Karon Abdai (right).


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