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Gloria Mahussier Steps Down As President

After 11 years of service, Gloria Mahussier has stepped down as Inclusion Saskatchewan’s President at this year’s AGM. During her tenure, Gloria brought a fierce family perspective, an unwavering stability, and a collaborative approach with government partners. She guided a number of projects and initiatives including (but not limited to): the Valley View Centre closure and transition, the development and implementation of Self-Directed Funding, the prioritization of supports for Northern communities, INSK’s Grassroots Committee, INSK’s Family Network, and Prince Albert’s INTEREC program.

She also worked to forge strong alliances with key stakeholders in the Saskatchewan Government and throughout the Saskatchewan disability non-profit space. Along with the Board and Executive Directors (Kevin McTavish and Kim Hague), Gloria also helped expand the reach of Community Living and the reputation of INSK. The legacy of INSK will be forever tied to Gloria’s good work and what she was able to accomplish as our president.


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