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COVID-19 Resources For Persons With Intellectual Disabilities And Their Families

We are pleased to announce the creation of a COVID-19 Resource Area on our website. Click on the COVID-19 Resources link in the menu above or go to:

Inside this resource area, you will find information regarding:

  • COVID-19

  • Community Supports

  • Essential Services

  • Group Homes

  • Day Programs

  • Cognitive Disability Strategy

  • Health Services

  • Prescriptions

  • Banking

  • Income Assistance (SAID, SAP, TEA, SIS)

  • E.I.

  • The Canadian Emergency Response Benefit

  • GST

  • Child Benefit

  • Taxes

  • Mortgage Default Management Tools

  • Student Loans

  • Education Information and Resources

  • Mental Wellness Resources

We'd like to encourage all of those we support as well as anyone in need of intellectual-disability-specific COVID-19 information to visit this area regularly. We will continually update this information on a daily basis.


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