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Tell It Like It Is Returns!

Exciting news! In partnership with Creative Options Regina and Saskatoon Sexual Health, Inclusion Saskatchewan is offering another opportunity to participate in the next session of Tell It Like It Is: Sexual Health and Wellness Education. The main goals of Tell It Like It Is are to ensure learners are receiving accurate sexuality education and the information required to support them in making informed decisions and to create an open and safe platform for participants to share stories, ask questions, explore curiosities, express fears and gain knowledge.

This will occur during nine sessions and a combination of conversations and hands-on activities with two educators that explore topics such as consent, relationships, sexuality, social media safety, personal care and many more. The number of participants within the group is limited to ten people to best create an environment of open, honest and empowering dialogue for each topic.

The next groups of sessions for Tell It Like It Is will be for women who are 18 years old or older. All sessions will be in the Inclusion Saskatchewan boardroom at 3031 Louise Street and start during February. Please complete the registration link below. As there is a limit on spots available for the sessions, only people who are selected will be contacted by one of the facilitators to share all the scheduling details. For everyone else who is not selected, you will be placed on a waiting list for the next session of Tell It Like It Is.

Register HERE.

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