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Speaking Out! Workshop in Meadow Lake

Join us for another presentation of Speaking Out! in Meadow Lake on Feb 7th. The workshop will take place at the Meadow Lake Hospital Conference Rooms 1 & 2 and run from 6:30-9:00 pm. Registration is $10.

About Speaking Out!

You are your child's advocate. In this informative workshop, gain a better understanding of your child's educational rights. Come and learn useful tips and successful approaches from professionals with many years of experience working within the school system. Cost: $10.00 per person The workshop will teach parents and professionals: How to be an effective advocate. How to communicate effectively. How to resolve conflict. Educational rights and responsibilities. How to navigate the school system. Where to access additional supports. Presenters: Elaine Caswell has always demonstrated her commitment to utilizing student/parent centred approaches in her teacher and administrative roles. Elaine would be known at the provincial level for saying and meaning, ‘failure is not an option.’ Elaine brings passion, experience and empowerment! Louise Burridge is a passionate occupational therapist who has been practicing for over 17 years in school, childcare, home and hospital settings. She is a dynamic speaker who strives to ensure each participant leaves her workshops with practical, classroom-friendly strategies that are effective for all students.

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