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Choices. Opportunity. Inclusion. Life should offer these things – to all of us.  But every day, the SACL meets individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families that are still excluded from the things others take for granted. Our job is to walk with them, and help them experience the power of inclusion. The Saskatchewan Association for Community Living’s (SACL) mission is to ensure that citizens of Saskatchewan who have intellectual disabilities are valued, supported and included members of society and have opportunities and choices in all aspects of life. 

Did you know that over 75% of people with an intellectual disability are unemployed, despite being able to work with supports and accommodations?

A lack of safe, affordable and appropriate housing means that 25% of these individuals don't have a suitable place to call home. 

It's so much more than just Breakfast.

Our Inclusion Breakfast is a chance for SACL supporters to take part in giving power to those who struggle to find it in their daily lives. The Inclusion Breakfast is a one hour, “no-ticket charge” event, and is the SACL’s major fundraiser supporting our work for people with intellectual disabilities throughout the province. Our Breakfast, from 7:30 – 8:30 AM, is very popular with over 300 business professionals who see the value of starting the day with an event where they can change lives. Because of our Table Hosts, we are able to hold an event that expands the circle of support around vulnerable citizens.


The Program

The Inclusion Breakfast is a unique fundraiser. The stars of the show are the people the SACL supports: their powerful stories shared in-person and through amazing videos communicate the challenges individuals with intellectual disabilities face and the way the SACL works to empower them to achieve their goals. You won’t want to miss our awesome videos: each year we have something new and wonderful to share!

Welcome - 7:30

We start promptly at 7:30 am. Make sure your guests know to arrive early!



A SACL representative will 

provide opening remarks. 



We will share our reflections about the meaning of Inclusion.

Breakfast Time!

Enjoy our continental breakfast and of course, your table mates!


Sharing the Vision

A special presentation by a close friend of the SACL.

Video Presentation

SACL’s brand new video debuts!

Rising to the Challenge

Individuals and families we support share stories about how the SACL has impacted their lives. 


Making it happen

This is where we ask for support through donations. 


Wrap Up - 8:30

We’ll bring this Breakfast home right at 8:30 so that you and your guests can get to the rest of your day. 

Table Hosts: The Schedule


  • Attend the Table Host Orientation or meet with an SACL Representative. 

  • Invite 7 People to join you at your Inclusion Table (tables are 8 People in total).

  • Send confirmed guest names and contact info to Connie Andersen. 

  • Confirm your guests a week prior to the Breakfast. 

As a Table Host, you will receive weekly emails with reminders and status updates. 


  • Arrive 30-45 minutes early to pickup your table package.

  • Hand out Pledge Forms during the "Making it Happen" portion of the program.

  • Collect all of the completed pledge forms and return them to the event coordinator. ​​

Set an example: remember to fill out your pledge card as it will inspire those around you to do the same.


August 23

Table Host Orientation

12:00-1:00 PM at the SACL Office.


August 23 - September 27

Table Hosts invite guests and send RSVPs to the SACL. 


September 27

Reconfirm attendance and email final guest list to Connie Andersen.


October 1

SACL will contact you to confirm the number of guests. 


October 4

2018 Inclusion Breakfast!

7:30-8:30 AM at TCU Place

Who To Invite

Arrive 30-45 minutes early to pickup your table package. Inviting people to join you at the Inclusion Breakfast is the biggest part of your job. We’ll need you to fill your table with 8 people (7 guests + you). These people could be friends, family, co-workers, neighbours, business colleagues, or even a new acquaintance. Invite anyone and everyone you know. If you have more than 7, don’t worry, we’ll find a place for them!

We know it’s not always easy to make an invitation like this, so we recommend that you share these 4 key messages when you make an invitation:

1. It’s free


2. It’s a major fundraising event, where your guests will be 

    asked to make a donation.       


3. They are not obligated to give


4. It’s a continental breakfast

For more information, please contact one of our Community Development staff. 

Connie Andersen

Director of Community Development

(306) 955-3344 ext. 126

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