Meet Jason Brose - 2017 Inclusive Teacher of the Year

February 16, 2018

In celebration of February being recognized as Inclusive Education Month, we'd like to introduce you to last year's Inclusive Education Award winners.  


Jason teaches at Colonsay School in Colonsay, Saskatchewan, located 35 minutes east of Saskatoon on the Yellowhead Highway. His nominators all saw him as greatly deserving of the award and truly setting the bar with his inclusive approach to teaching. 


One parent (and fan of Mr. Brose) said this about Jason, "Mr. Brose deserves to be recognized for his consistent and daily work to be sure that every student is valued and included. His inclusive practices have changed how a school, its teachers and students see each other in a positive way. This has seeped into the community like sunshine peeking through the clouds.”


Differentiated instruction is another example of how Mr. Brose creates an inclusive classroom. “He understands that all children use the same facilities, room and diversified materials as everyone else," observes one of his teaching colleagues. "He diversifies to the student’s strengths and not the limitations. The materials always reflect the same learning outcomes but they are at the level – higher or lower – that the student needs to build competence in that area of learning.”


Further, Jason shares his passion for inclusion with his fellow teachers. "He not only believes in inclusion, but promotes it within our staff. He works with the other teachers to share his knowledge and help them set up the inclusive classroom as well,” says a colleague. 


Congratulations to Jason Brose - the SACL’s 2017 Inclusive Teacher of the Year! Thank you for everything you do to advance inclusion for all students at Colonsay School.


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