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Building an Inclusive Workforce

Ready, Willing & Able (RWA) is a national initiative to increase the labour force participation of people with intellectual disabilities or Autism Spectrum Disorder. Created by the Canadian Association for Community Living and the Canadian Autism Spectrum Disorders Alliance, RWA helps facilitate employment by making critical connections between employers and agencies, supporting employers, and raising awareness.

What does RWA do?
We Work with Employers to Create Jobs

A big part of what we do is best described as: employment facilitation. RWA Labour Market Facilitators meet with employers on a regular basis to help inspire them to create employment opportunities for individuals with intellectual disabilities or Autism Spectrum Disorder. Once an job opportunity is created, we work with local and national agencies to fill the position with someone looking for work.

What else does RWA do?
We Support Entrepreneurs &
Post-Secondary Students 

As part of our mandate, we also work to support individuals with intellectual disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorder who are interested in opening their own business or want to pursue a post-secondary education that will better equip them for the workforce. RWA's supports for Entrepreneurs & Post-Secondary students varies greatly from individual to individual. See the list of supports below and contact Ari Avivi or more information. 

RWA Supports - At a Glance 

  • Individual on-the-job support for the individual 

  • Job Coach / Life Coach

  • Workplace Modifications

  • Adaptive technology

  • Worksite Accessibility Supports

  • Disability Related Supports (attendant care, sign language interpretation)

  • Educational Books, Manuals


  • Job Coach / Business Coach*

  • Marketing Coach

  • Workplace Modifications

  • Capital Investment/Equipment**

  • Educational Books, Manuals


  • Note Takers

  • Interpreters

  • Tutors

  • Anxiety Management

  • Job Coaching for Field Placements

*Both Business and Marketing Coaches Support are viewed as limited professional supports to help the entrepreneur and supporting agency develop and refine the tools necessary for self-employment success.  RWA cannot and will not approve these supports as indefinite positions.

**Limited support for the acquisition of specific materials to further evolve entrepreneurial activity, within the larger scope of a rationalized business plan

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is RWA an employment agency?

A: No, RWA Labour Market Facilitators are the bridge between employers and agencies. An individual must already be with an agency in order to be connected to an employer. 

Q: What kinds of jobs are available?

A: It's important to say that RWA isn't in the business of filling any and all employment gaps. Our mandate it to ensure that there is a proper match between the employer's needs and the needs of the individual. 

Q: I need support with something that isn't on the list. How do I find out if my needs are eligible for support. 

A: RWA is a very flexible program. Contact Chris Kirstein and he will provide more information about what is possible. 

Q: Do I have to offer full-time hours to participate?

A: No. Part-time and seasonal may be exactly what a potential employee is looking for. 

Q: What compensation do I offer?

A: The same rate as your other employees in similar roles (real work for real pay). 

Q: What accommodations do I need to make?

A: Each individual will be different, so accommodations vary greatly. During the hiring process, and RWA Labour Market Facilitator will work with you on what accommodations will be necessary and provide any support needed in order to make any modifications or changes. 

For more information, please contact one of our RWA staff. 

Kim Hague

Assistant Executive


(306) 955-3344 ext. 114

Christopher Kirstein

Director of Labour Market Facilitation (on leave)

(306) 955-3344 ext. 116

Ari Avivi

Director of Labour Market Facilitation

(306) 955-3344 ext. 116

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