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This cheat makes it easy for users to quickly climb any building. Like a ninja, users don’t have to bother entering the house trying to find a way to get up to take a position, with this cheat climbing buildings becomes easier.

For both modes, we would suggest you adjust your Turn/View sensitivity. This is different for every single one of you, since some of you may have smaller phones.


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You can get in, kill, and then heal as you run towards your next victim.

If you are a sucky player, don’t go for the VTOL. It’s a waste of your time.

How about we take a look at some more quick tips?

There are also other multiplayer modes in the game to meet all your expectations. It has everything you could ask for in a game. You are in control of choosing the way you play such as the pop hunt, capture the flag, sniper only, or the gun game, to name a few.

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4. Use the drones available in Multiplayer mode

Where Can I Get Free Call of Duty Mobile Points?

Unless you're in a safe position, you'll have to move around or hide behind cover at times. Snipers and other individuals in close proximity may quickly take you down if you're just hanging about in the open, and the best way to avoid this is to move erratically or find cover.

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Thomas A. Merrick, a Captain, former Navy SEAL, and Commander of the Ghosts, from Call of Duty®: Ghosts.

The most important tip is to change routes. Don’t reuse the same route more than twice. This will keep the enemy on their toes. Otherwise, they will know where you are and cut you to ribbons.

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Looting Equipment: Change to your gun (unless you want to punch enemies).

I don’t think anyone wants to get banned in COD Mobile on purpose, really. But there are a few who like to take risks with cheats and sooner or later get banned eventually. Like most other battle royale games, Call of Duty: Mobile also has an anti-cheat system in place that catches players with hacks on and bans them from playing the game.

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Moreover, players should start diversifying their weapon preferences in order to adjust to whatever ammo is available in the vicinity. This strategy makes players more adaptable in matches.

If you’re brand new to the game, or even if you’re a seasoned pro, boy, do we have some treats for you. Our COD Mobile redeem codes list is full of goodies, such as free operators, weapon blueprints, calling cards, and much more. We’ll update this list frequently with all the latest COD Mobile codes, so make sure you check back here occasionally.

We’ll see the arrival of the MAC-10, which is one of Black Ops Cold War’s fastest SMGs. If you want to know how you can get your hands on this powerful weapon in CoD Mobile Season 3 then we have that covered.

The game will have a rotating list of modes and match types that will come and go from season to season. There are also a lot of static modes and match types that are always around and never leave. Some of the more popular rotating ones even make it into the static list.

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Hover around the middle of the map to catch any opponents coming off spawn but it is important to be aware of players that manage to sneak past you and potentially halt your epic killstreak.

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Cod Mobile Battle Pass Hack

View Best gun in Call of Duty Mobile Season 5 here.

Epicurean can be quite damaging if you put too much effort on assaulting her. This is amplified considerably more on harder difficulties. To counteract this, ensure you have some healing supplies from the Peddler, who can be found right before entering the boss arena. You won’t have to explore menus to remain on your feet because healing goods are applied automatically when your health drops below a particular threshold.

Needless to say, Call of Duty: Mobile is a must-play. And below, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about mobile’s hottest game.

Hacking section for Call of Duty Mobile. Get all of your favorite Call of Duty Mobile hacks, Cheats, Trainers, Discussions, and Help all in one place.

Loadout swap. You can swap your loadout mid-match between deaths, so don't feel stuck with the weapon build you originally selected if the match isn't going well. Switch on the fly for whatever the situation might require.

Customize your controls: From the lobby, touch the settings cog to access all of the game's options. In Controls, you'll see Simple and Advanced options, but in Advanced, you'll see the customise button, which allows you to drag control components to new positions. Be careful that the docks for multiplayer and battle royale are slightly different, therefore customize both.

That’s it for today. Don worry, we will keep you posted with updates. Until then, continue reading with us!

The theme follows the same pattern as all Battle Royales. Players jump from an airship into a map with nothing but a knife. They must scavenge the area they land in looking for weapons and equipment. They then must take out all the other players to be the last alive to win.

Call of Duty Mobile features a heady blend of action in both multiplayer and battle royale modes.

Muffled Mods: Reduces shooting sound and conceals gunfire location on the mini-map. (Snipers)

Free Cp Mod for Cod Mobile

All skins come in 6 levels of Rarity: Common (grey), Uncommon (green), Rare (blue), Epic (purple), Legendary (orange), and Mythic (red). Common denotes base weapons and items.

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Players can also unlock certain steps and gain different reward points using these codes. Since, it is an action - adventure battle royale game so there can be only one winner in the end.

It also means that if one of you is killed, your teammates are nearby to collect your dog tags. Not many players, (including myself), will go out of their way to save a player who decided to go off on their own.

This cheat provides the user with information about where their enemy is hiding by reflecting a contrasting color such as pink. Even when the enemy is behind a building, this cheat user can still see it.

Longshot Mods: Extend the range of your weapon (Snipers, ARs, SMGs, Shotguns)

That's it on how to play Gun Game in Call of Duty Mobile, and be sure to check out other related guides right here.

6. In Multiplayer mode, use Boosts to gain unique powers.

Throwables can be employed to guard bomb locations; for example, if you only have a few seconds to explode the bomb, you can simply throw a Molotov or thermite on it to secure it for a few seconds. It may also be utilized to prevent adversaries from accessing the site by placing a Molotov cocktail on one of the gates, which will allow you a few seconds to prevent enemies from entering the site.

Those who play as clowns get a very special power – summon zombies.

Note the Circle Timer, which closes swiftly around Karst River Quarry in Verdansk’s northeast corner.

View Season 3 Battle Pass characters, weapons, and maps.

There are so many hacks available in the hack script, I am updating hack script file regularly so the above features might not available in all the hack scripts.

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Here are some legit ways to get free CP points in Call of Duty Mobile game.

Upgrade: Visit Buy Stations, complete contracts, and access your custom load outs when Loadout Drops appear.

If you are having any issues, shoot us an email, Contact MPGH Support.

Another typical mistake beginners make is reloading out in the open. Doing so leaves you highly vulnerable most especially in the middle of a firefight. As such make it a habit early on to reload every once in a while and do so in the convenience of a cover. The same goes for select Pointstreak and killstreak abilities. As some of them require time to set up, be sure that you fully know what each one can do before you attempt to use them outside of a good cover.

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LMGs or Light Machine Guns are used from a short range, have excellent fire rate, but don’t excel in the accuracy department. They’re quite useful in some situations, but most of the time they’re not as practical as an assault rifle. Among the best light machine guns that you can use in Call of Duty Mobile, the RPD is probably the most appropriate. Its damage is excellent and you can actually hit players with it if you know what you’re doing.

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Players can refresh their game by making a beeline for the individual application stores on their cell phones. Search the game and hit the update button to begin introducing the update.


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