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Best Compare And Contrast Essay Topics (2022)

During your middle and high school studies, you might be assigned the task of writing a compare and contrast essay. A compare and contrast essay is written to compare and describe the differences between two subjects. Expert essay writer online can either choose to write about the comparison or contrasting aspects, or even both. However, you would have to choose two or more subjects, which are already connected in a meaningful way. For instance, for a good compare-and-contrast essay, you would have to choose two different types of apples to be compared in terms of color, taste, and prices, instead of choosing an apple and grapes to be compared. In this case, you would have to write about unexpected similarities or subtle differences, rather than the obvious similarities or differences of the two connected subjects.

A compare and contrast essay helps you to draw distinctions between elements belonging to a similar category to increase the audience’s understanding. Similarly, if you are assigned to focus on comparison or contrasting aspects of two different subjects that seem to be completely unrelated. Essay writing can also explore the similarities or differences through deep research of the two subjects. However, if you lack proficient research skills, a skilled researcher can be asked to write my essay to help you in writing a perfect compare and contrast essay. The more divergent the two subjects, the more interesting the essay will be.

The standard format of a compare and contrast essay

A standard compare and contrast essay follows this format.

Ø The introductory paragraph

The paragraph is focused on describing a broad overview and a background of the topic chosen for the essay. You should also write your thesis statement in this paragraph with academic excellence.

Ø Essay's main body

This section of the essay is divided into multiple paragraphs, which are to explain your main claim or argument about the comparison or contrasting aspects of the two different subjects. It should also include evidential information about the subjects from other studies. You must hire a certified and qualified Professional writer if you cannot find relevant evidence and research studies according to your essay subjects.

Ø A concluding paragraph

In this paragraph, you will have to restate the main argument with reasonable prices i.e., the thesis statement. Summarize the whole discussion along with your rephrased topic sentences in the last paragraph.

Most suitable topic ideas for a cause and effect essay

Choosing a suitable topic for your essay is an important step, as it should be describing all the relevant aspects of the subjects that professional writing assistance is going to discuss in the essay. This blog will also help you in choosing the most suitable title for your essay.

  1. Is it better to get a part-time job or to socialize in college?

  2. The merits and demerits of e-books in comparison with the hard copies of the books.

  3. The economy of the United States of America, before and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

  4. The education system, before and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

  5. The health-care system, before and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

  6. Compare public colleges with private colleges.

  7. The merits and demerits of homeschooling in comparison with formal schooling.

  8. The impacts of political unrest versus economic instability.

  9. Compare and contrast the political system of the UK and USA.

  10. Compare and contrast the political systems, monarchy, and democracy.

  11. The merits and demerits of free trade.

  12. Compare globalization with restrictive movement

  13. Freedom of expression versus restricted freedoms

  14. Online education system versus traditional education system, what is better?

  15. What is easier: learning from the internet or learning from books?

  16. What is more productive: studying alone versus group study?

  17. Sports as a passion versus sports as a profession.

  18. Student exchange programs versus sports events, what is more beneficial?

  19. Nuclear energy versus other renewable energy sources.

  20. Compare and contrast the benefits of industrially manufactured medicines with traditional medicines.

  21. Home appliances versus human helping aide: which is more productive?

  22. Work from the office versus work from home.

  23. What are the similarities and differences between high school and college studies?

  24. Saving documents in phone memory versus a hard copy of documents, what is safer?

  25. Free higher education or a limited budget allocation for education.

  26. The similarities and differences between communism and capitalism

  27. Communism or socialism: which is better?

  28. Do citizens' opinions matter or politicians should represent them?

  29. Compare and contrast a parliamentary system and a presidential system.

  30. Should the government policies promote free will or have limited liberties for the citizens?

  31. Should the government spend more money on healthcare or organizing more sports events?

  32. How is the European immigration policy different from the Middle Eastern immigration policy? What are the similarities?

  33. Compare and contrast distance learning versus learning on-campus.

  34. Classical music versus Pop music.

  35. Period movies versus science fiction movies

  36. Compare two movies or books of your choice

  37. Living with parents versus living on your own

  38. Dieting or working out: which is more beneficial?

  39. John Franklin Kennedy or Abraham Lincoln

  40. Men versus women in managerial positions: who is successful?

  41. The Asian versus American concept of beauty

  42. Contrast gender roles in Europe versus South Asia

  43. Similarities between Asian food versus European cuisine

  44. Earning money through a part-time job versus learning a skill

  45. The differences between American English versus British English

  46. Ways in which Canadian and American Thanksgivings are different.

All these topics will help you to write a perfect compare and contrast essay however, a professional like MyPerfectWords can be hired, if you lack expertise in writing such an essay.

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