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How to install Android applications from Google Play

Install applications directly from Google Play inbuilt application

The easiest, fastest and most convenient way of installing Android applications on your device – the official Google Play store. Google Play icon can be found preinstalled on any Android-device. Google Play previously known as Android Market but in newer devices the icon comes with Google Play tag.

The only thing that needs to be done before you begin your search for interesting applications - Sign In with your Google ID.

1.Open the Google Play application;

2.find an interesting application / program / game; the description of the content, user reviews, and value; “Install” (the “Download”)

5.on the next page, read the resolutions, which require the application

6.agree with them by clicking the “Agree and Download”

and then begin downloading the application, after which the application is automatically installed.

The only recommendation is if you start the installation: find the nearest WiFi-Internet access. In this case the operator does not have to pay for the network traffic that will arise during the installation. Yes, and much faster to install.

What if your device doesn’t have Google Play inbuilt application?

There are variety of tablets are available in the market some of them are having very low cost one of them is Ubislate 7+ which doesn’t have inbuilt Google Play application. For these type of tablets third party developers have developed vpn for phone application, after installing this application you can browse your favorite application and able to download them. Download application from Google Play store.

Installing applications online through Google Play page

It is also a convenient way, which does not require the direct involvement of the smartphone or tablet. Just go to the page Google Play. To do this, press the “Enter” in the upper right corner and enter the same Google ID, which you used in your device. So you sync Google Play with your device.

Then everything is very simple: look for interesting programs, read reviews, look at the price and decide what you want to install. Once you’ve decided that’s it – the same application that you are looking for, then:

1. click “Install”;

2. window opens, which will include all the permits needed to operate the program;

and then left click again on “Install”

appears that the application will soon be installed on your device

continue to do nothing is not necessary: ​​the application will be downloaded and installed without your intervention.

And this bit of advice: make sure your smartphone or tablet are within WiFi. Also check if the device on your download / jump data in the background. This can be checked in the settings of the device. If not, activate it, otherwise the download does not start. Rather will begin only when you allow the exchange of Internet data in the background.

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