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Upcoming Events

Inclusion Saskatchewan hosts, promotes, and partners on events all throughout the year. Here is a look at our schedule of upcoming events.


March 10-11: Trauma-Informed Support and Practice

Individuals and communities who have experienced adversity and trauma are at risk of being re-traumatized in a variety of health and social service settings. A lack of knowledge and understanding about the impact of trauma can prevent us from providing the most effective care and support. Given the influence that trauma has on health and social outcomes, it is important that service providers have a basic understanding of trauma so they can recognize the symptoms of trauma and appreciate the role they play in supporting healing. Although trauma is often a contributing factor to many of the mental health, addictions, and other social issues that challenge people in our society, the services, programs, organizations, and systems often fail to see the connection between trauma, well-being, and resilience.


March 13-15: Parents Workshop

Join us for the annual Inclusion Saskatchewan's Parents Workshop. This year's event is taking place from Friday, March 13, 2020 to Sunday, March 15, 2020 at the Park Town Hotel in Saskatoon. This workshop is open to anyone who takes on an active parenting role for a child/individual who experiences an intellectual disability. Couples, parents, grandparents and adult siblings will find this event beneficial. The weekend offers participants a chance to relax, share, learn and grow with others from across the province. The weekend will feature a blend of workshops with breakout sessions and fun networking activities.


March 18: March Inclusion Tour

The best way to get involved with Inclusion Saskatchewan is by first attending one of our Inclusion Tours. Through the tour, you will learn about the individuals and families we support, the work that we do, and the challenges we face. If you would like to attend one of our tours, please sign up on the Get Involved page on our website.


April 2: Annual Inclusion Luncheon

Our Inclusion Luncheon is a chance for our supporters to take part in giving power to those who struggle to find it in their daily lives. The Inclusion Luncheon is a one hour, “no-ticket charge” event, and is the Inclusion Saskatchewan's major fundraiser supporting our work for people with intellectual disabilities in Prince Albert and throughout the northern region of the province. Our Luncheon, from 12:00 – 1:00 PM, is very popular with over 200 community members who see the value of starting the day with an event where they can change lives. There is no ticket price to attend, but as this is a fundraiser, a request for donations will be made at the event.

All seating is pre-registered by contacting Connie Andersen at 1-306-955-3344 or


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