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Meet The New Executive Director of Inclusion Saskatchewan

Meet Inclusion Saskatchewan’s Executive Director, Kim Hague! Following former E.D. Kevin McTavish’s retirement at the end of May, Kim has taken over the reigns of the association as well as its fundraising sister organization, Community Living.

Kim, who previously served as INSK’s Assistant Executive Director for 10 years previous is beyond thrilled to have the opportunity to lead the association, despite taking over in one of the most uncertain and tumultuous years in recent history. “Kevin was an incredible mentor and I wish the very best for him in his retirement. I’ve learned so much about how best to manage Inclusion Saskatchewan over the past ten years, and am so excited to explore new directions and opportunities for our staff and mission,” says Kim.

Kim, whose stepson is a child with Down syndrome, goes on to say “I’m inspired every day by my stepson, Noah. He guides me, especially when facing the hard decisions.”

Kim originally joined Inclusion Saskatchewan in November 2009, shortly after moving to Saskatoon from Whitehorse, Yukon. In her capacity as Assistant Executive Director, Kim oversaw all of the organization’s activities with a special focus on the Family Network and organizing Inclusion Saskatchewan’s annual AGM & Family network event.

This “family focus”, she says, will help shape her as the new leader of the association. “I’ve learned so much from speaking with families and getting to know them through our Family Network over the past ten years. I know their needs and concerns and look forward to bringing their perspective into the office.”

On the topic of the Association’s current outlook amidst a global pandemic, Kim is optimistic as she pushes on, continuing to help individuals with intellectual disabilities through all of this. “We’re taking it one day at a time and we’ve all had to make adjustments to working remotely, but our mission to promote inclusion and support people with intellectual disabilities remains the same. We’re here, we’re open, we’re ready to help.”


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