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Dr. John Dolan Spirit of Education Award 2023: Kristin Boyd of SunWest DLC

Inclusion Saskatchewan was pleased to present the Dr. John Dolan Spirit of Education award to celebrate the dedication to inclusive education by those outside of traditional classroom teaching roles. The inaugural award was proudly presented to Kristin Boyd of SunWest’s DLC (soon to be Sask DLC). While acclimating to the COVID-19 pandemic and the challenges faced by families of immune-compromised children, Kristin created an inclusive learning environment for students attending classes online across the province. She advocated for EA supports that students accessed virtually which created opportunities for students to connect and learn together through video calls.

“We have received the support that all families hope to get but so often don’t… The respectful, inclusive way we are considered is not only a breath of fresh air but also a reminder that disability doesn’t and shouldn’t prevent an individual from the respect and regard that any person deserves,” says a parent.


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