We have discussed the importance of keeping a paper trail and ensuring all of your documentation remains organized. Making a binder can be a great way to do this. If you need a little inspiration, access a three-ring binder, a hole punch, and some dividers and then wa...

At times, a telephone call or meeting may not be effective or may not produce results. Writing a letter is a good way to record a problem and the efforts to have the problem resolved documented.

Letters create pressure, build accountability, and encourage others to be...

The adage is true, it’s not what we say, but how we say it. This applies well when speaking with your child’s teacher. To improve communication with your child’s teacher, try using these sentence starters:

“I’m concerned about my child’s ….” - Saying I’m concerned redu...

Parents are often the best educational advocates for their children. If you are feeling less than confident, here are 8 tips to help you become a champion for your child.

  • Know your child’s rights. All schools in Saskatchewan abide by policies, procedures, and legi...

Should parents contact the school principal if they disagree with their child’s educational program?

Yes, your school principal is at the heart of the school community and is responsible for establishing an effective learning environment for your child. According to T...

Should parents contact the school board if they disagree with a school division’s decision about their child’s educational program?

Short answer: Absolutely. Long answer: the province of Saskatchewan has 28 geographical areas called school divisions. Each school divisi...

Should parents contact the Ministry of Education if they disagree with a school division’s decision about their child’s educational program?

In Saskatchewan, Kindergarten to Grade 12 (K – 12) education is a shared responsibility between the Ministry of Education, and...

We have recognized that being involved and engaged with your child’s education is important and supports your child’s learning and achievement. We have also reviewed the importance of trusting your spidy sense and contacting the school early if you perceive a concern....

Principals have authority and responsibility to inform and involve parents/guardians when their child is being officially removed from school. The Education Act, 1995 (Section 154 (1) Suspensions) clarifies the process and expectations regarding suspension of a pupil....

The Education Act (1997) provides guidance to parents and caregivers if they disagree with a decision made by boards of education/schools. When this happens, parents/guardians can access a review process. Sections 178.1(1) – 178.1(6) of The Education Act outline how p...

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