Disability Income Support Coalition 

The Disability Income Support Coalition (commonly known as DISC) is a group of 43 disability advocacy organizations and people with disabilities who work with the government on the development and implementation of the Saskatchewan Assured Income for Disability (SAID) program. 


Since 2009, the coalition has been working closely with the government on the vision and implementation of SAID. As one of the leaders of this coalition, the SACL has worked to ensure that the development of SAID is a project that involves both the government and community members. Learn more about the coalition here


Getting kids out of long-term care

There are a number of children with intellectual disabilities who are living in long-term care and other medical facilities across the province. The SACL believes that these facilities are not appropriate and enriching places for children to live and that we can do better.

The SACL is working with Community Living Association of Saskatoon Inc. (CLASI),  the Saskatchewan Advocate for Children and Youth, the Ministry of Social Services, and families to resolve the issues of Kids-In-Care. The SACL believes that individuals must be supported to live in inclusive residential housing. This includes children, whose families should be provided the necessary resources for children to remain in the family home.

For more information about Kids-in-Care, contact Nicholas Fraser.



Become a Sponsor

The SACL invites corporate partners to get involved in changing the lives of individuals with intellectual disabilities and developing more inclusive communities. We offer a variety of sponsorship opportunities that will match the community investment goals of your business or organization.  



*Interested in our Inclusion Breakfast or becoming a sponsor? Contact Connie Andersen for more information. 



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