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COVID-19 Self Assessment Tool

The Government of Saskatchewan has created an online COVID-19 self assessment tool. If you feel that you have COVID-19 symptoms, go here:

SK Healthline 811

811 is a free, confidential, 24-hour health & mental health and addictions support telephone line. Services are offered in English, with translation available in over 100 languages. Access 811 online here:


Homecare service will continue with enhanced precautionary measures.


Lumeca Health APP

Lumeca is an app that is providing virtual care to people in Saskatchewan via an app.  You can talk directly to a physician and they are able to prescribe prescriptions that can be sent to your pharmacy. It is free for Saskatchewan residents with their valid Health Card. For more info, visit:



On March 18, 2020, the Deputy Minister of Health wrote a letter to all Saskatchewan community pharmacies regarding prescription drug quantities and medical supplies. Pharmacists have a key role to prevent stockpiling while ensuring the drug supply remains intact and patients can access their prescriptions in a safe and appropriate manner. To ensure the continued supply, and to prevent the stockpiling of prescription medication, the Ministry will require that, effective immediately, Saskatchewan pharmacists limit the number and quantity of prescription drug dispenses as follows: 


  • Saskatchewan pharmacists may only provide a ONE MONTH supply (to a maximum of a 35 day supply) in a 28 day period for all drugs not on the Maintenance Drug Schedule (i.e. the 100 Day List and the Two Month Drug List).  

  • For the Maintenance Drug Schedule, Saskatchewan pharmacists may only provide a TWO MONTH supply in a 55 day period for drugs on the Two Month Drug List and a 100 DAY supply in a 9 5 day period for drugs on the 100 Day List.   






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